Looking for people who want a healthier home

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Looking for people who want a healthier home in Fort Campbell

There’s more potential in that EcoSense™ cleaner than you think.

Revive™ is more than an environmentally sound wrinkle relaxer. Why limit its power to to just laundry when there’s a whole world of fabrics it can freshen?

EcoSense™ fills your home with an atmosphere of cleanliness and control. Yes, they’re good for the environment. Yes, they’re good for the wallet too. And their cleaning power is undeniable. But EcoSense fills your home with a nearly endless list of creative cleaning possibilities.

From Revive to Sol-U-Mel® to Rustic Touch®, EcoSense could be your all-over polishing, deodorizing, degreasing, and general cleaning solution for virtually any job around the house or even in the garage!

Take a look at these suggested additional uses that make chores a little quicker and life a little easier.


CARPET ? Use Sol-U-Mel® to remove nail polish.

FLOORS ? Use Sol-U-Mel to remove gum from floors, carpet, underside of table, and more.

CAR ? Remove tar splatters on your car with Sol-U-Mel.

VINYL CURTAIN ? Wash the water spots off your vinyl shower curtain with Tub & Tile™.

STOVE HOOD ? Get the gunk off your stove’s ventilation hood with MelaMagic®.

GARAGE FLOOR ? Get rid of the grease spot on your garage floor with MelaMagic.

CAR ENGINE ? Degrease bike or engine parts with MelaMagic.

KITCHEN AND BATHROOM FIXTURES ? Clear Power® polishes and shines aluminum and chrome with a streak-free shimmer.

PLANTS ? Use Tough & Tender® to get the dust off artificial plants.

BATHROOM ? A few quick sprays of No Work® in the shower keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.

SHOES ? Spritz Rustic Touch® on your shoes or a rag for a quick shoe shine.

HINGES ? Silence a squeaky door hinge with Rustic Touch.

UPHOLSTERY ? Spray Revive™ on couches and upholstery to freshen their surfaces.

SUITCASE ? Stick a MelaSoft® dryer sheet in your sock drawer or suitcase to keep things fresh.

NYLONS ? Rub a MelaSoft dryer sheet on your nylons to get rid of static.

* OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: The following are suggested additional purposes for EcoSense products. They are not intended to redefine the products’ individual official purposes. Please use caution and care when following any of the above suggestions and when creating your own additional, unintended purposes for EcoSense cleaners. Melaleuca does not take responsibility for damaged items when cleaned using EcoSense products outside their intended cleaning purpose. For each product’s official purpose, please see the product’s label.

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