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I'm looking for a: 2-3 Bedroom house to rent!

$Varies by Ms. in Clarksville, Feb 11
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I'm looking for a:  2-3 Bedroom house to rent! in Fort Campbell

Property Type: House
Size: Average
Lot size:
Bedrooms: 2-3
Bathrooms: 1-2

HI! I am looking for a house to rent, and I want either a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom, with preferably 1.5 or 2 bathrooms, and I really need something with a garage if possible. Must be in Clarksville, preferably in the Kenwood or NW High School district. Otherwise, somewhere out in the country. Need a quiet neighborhood, and would like to NOT be able to see into my neighbors' house from inside mine! :-) I love gardening, so need a place where I would be allowed to beautify the yard, plus grow some small fruit trees and a veggie garden.

I am a middle-aged woman, with custody of my granddaughter (who's one beautiful angel!), I'm retired from owning my own business, I'm a very clean person and pretty fussy about how things should be kept up. I have never been evicted from a home, I have always been a long term tenant, 8 to almost 15 years where I've lived previously, and the last place was only years, but that was due to the landlord's having problems and needing to sell their rental property. I would prefer a long time lease if possible.

I have just moved into a very nice home, two months ago, but my landlord is what people have termed "a stalker", and has even broken into my home when I wasn't there! I've talked with an attorney, and feel it is safer for my Granddaughter and I to just move, and the sooner the better!

I have references, not only from past landlord's, but also from Church's that I've remodeled, business owners that have hired me to decorate for them, many places I have, or am currently volunteering, and tons of personal references too! My rent is always paid on time, the house kept up and clean, the yard turned into something beautiful, and I have pictures of different places I've rented before to verify the condition I keep a home in, as well as references from many places I either have volunteered for, or am currently doing so.

I would like to move into a new home by the first of March 2019.
I am a good, Christian lady, I don't do or allow drugs or alcohol into my home, no crazy parties (unless you count my granddaughter's sleepovers LOL, and I promise that if you allow me to rent from you, you will not only never regret it, but I believe you will be quite happy with me as your tenant!

If you have an opening in one of your rental units, I'd truly appreciate it if you'd either email me at or call me at 931-919-4831. It's not a cell phone, but a landline, so if I don't answer your call, it's because I'm away from my desk at the moment. I do check emails daily, and you can always reply to me here on Bookoo messages also. ,

I appreciate your time to read this, and your consideration in renting to me.

Thank you kindly!
Ms. Linda

Thank you kidley

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