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Heidi: A Perfect Emotional Support, or Companion Dog

No Fee. No Smoking. by yeoldmarm in Clarksville, Nov 06
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Heidi: A Perfect Emotional Support, or Companion Dog in Fort Campbell
Heidi: A Perfect Emotional Support, or Companion Dog in Fort Campbell
Heidi: A Perfect Emotional Support, or Companion Dog in Fort Campbell

Heidi is a very sweet little 18 pound lady who came to us from a home where She was often alone and crated for extended periods with little outside activity. She is very personable and completely loveable. Her photos do not do her justice. Heidi was suffering separation and fear anxieties when she came in and should never be crated and left alone for extended periods. She walks well on a leash, is intelligent and is a quick, desirous learner. She has been trained to wear a service vest and medicine bag and has earned a medical assistance dog registration. She's a great runner, twister, and amazing jumper for her size and slight frame. She is small enough she sits on my left leg while I drive. She has made great progress in a short time. She can lay for hours watching TV with you or while you read a book; or dash around the yard hilariously. Heidi's DNA analysis revealed she is 50% Beagle (mom): that's where her endurance comes from as well as her great nose and devotion; 25% Pomeranian and 25% Chihuahua (Dad) where her unquenchable cheerfulness and bright eyes arise. She tested negative for all known genetic defects in all three breeds, has inherited hybrid immunity and is perfectly healthy. She is two years and six months old, and may be expected with care to live to 14 years or more. She's been cat tested (and sleeps with a very curmudgeonly one at the foot of a bed); but is shy of large, aggresive dogs. She is Housebroken. She likes children. She would make an excellent therapy or emotional support dog. With training she could make a fantastic agility dog, or just one to romp with in the park. Of course Heidi has been spayed, is up to date on shots, tests, and dental; and is on Interceptor heartworm prevention and Seresto to prevent fleas and ticks. She is microchipped through Home Again.
Heidi is fostered for the All Paws, Wings, and Claws rescue. Txt 931.278.4025 or write
There is an application and home visit required.

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